It is the greatest fun to be bewildered…It is like a marvelous game…It is confusing, and too many of us are choosing not to play, settling back with whatever straws of fixed knowledge we can lay hands on, denying bewilderment, pretending one conviction or another, nodding our heads briskly at whatever we prefer to believe, staying away from the ambiguity of being.


Most things in the world are unsettling and bewildering, and it is a mistake to try to explain them away; they are there for marveling at and wondering at, as we should be doing more of this.


The thing to do, to get us through the short run, the years just ahead, is to celebrate our ignorance. Instead of presenting the body of human knowledge as a mountainous structure of coherent information capable of explaining everything about everything if we could only master the details, we should be acknowledging that it is, in real life, still a very modest mound of puzzlements that do not fit together at all